The first meeting can be compared to reconnaissance. A little curiosity and observation – and by the end of the meeting you’ll know if it’s worth continuing your acquaintance. You can learn a lot about a new man on a first date. Here’s a rough list of things you should pay attention to already on the first date. After all, if you have used San Diego date ideas and found an interesting man, it is important to quickly move on to a personal meeting. And in a personal meeting, you need to use reliable tips that will help you better assess the interlocutor.

What to pay attention to on a first date with a man

  • Favorite sport. Single athletes (runners, swimmers) carefully guard their independence and prefer to spend time alone; fans of team sports love to compete, and as in the field of play, and in life, and those who are not interested in sports at all, peculiar independent thinking, combined with a sensual nature.
  • Friends. Conservative, suspicious type, the enemy of everything new will be friends with the same people for many years. Another type of man easily adapts in any company, but will pay little attention to you.
  • Attitude towards money. If a man pays mostly with a plastic card, he is ambitious and confident. Pays cash – most likely, you are dealing with an independent, independent person. Well, if the candidate came on the first date with an empty purse – prepare yourself for the fact that you will have to pay for everything in the future.
  • The manner of communication. The lover of communication by e-mail prefers to think about his actions and does not want to show what he is really like. Prefers “fast communication” – needs constant attention, proof that you are constantly thinking about him. Lover of phone calls, probably a little old-fashioned, likes to keep things on track, a lover of confidential conversations. 
  • Clothing preferences. Lover of sports style, probably unhurried and down-to-earth type. A fan of designer clothes, most likely values prestige and will have high demands for his lady. A lover of flashy, garish clothes is unlikely to be capable of a serious relationship and will constantly throw himself on everything bright and shiny. If you are looking for a specific type of man, you can use date night ideas San Diego.
  • Driving style. Aggressiveness on the road can indicate aggressiveness and authoritarianism in his personal life. It is good if the man behind the wheel keeps his composure and certainly does not use “tough words”.
  • Accuracy. A man who is neat in general, but prone to some mess is quite normal. Most likely, he is an open and unconcerned person. Well, if you caught a copy, spreading net socks on the flowers, or meticulously placed his toiletries in the bathroom – you are dealing with a real nerd.
  • Expression of feelings. If a man is too intrusive with hugs and kisses, especially in a public place – most likely, he is not confident and is trying to assert their rights to you. A gentle handshake or a respectful kiss on the hand will be enough for the first meeting. If he passes you forward and lightly touches your shoulders, this indicates an exceptional touching care for the companion.
  • The Look. A man who avoids eye contact may be a man who cannot be trusted. If during a conversation he literally devours you with his gaze, then perhaps he is trying to cause embarrassment. But the “sliding” look, when he looks you in the eyes and awkwardly looks away, indicates that he likes you.

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