The question of what band started punk rock is often asked by music enthusiasts. The band’s beginnings can be traced back to the 1970s, when the band Alice Cooper first influenced the music. In the early seventies, the band played fast-paced thrills, and many of their fans saw the band’s glam style as an homage to the American auto industry. However, this group struggled to achieve commercial success because their sound sounded unfashionable in the wealthy society of the day. Besides, the band consisted of three black teenagers, who wanted to break away from the mainstream and make their own mark.

The earliest examples of punk rock are the Ramones, who played a few years before the band was officially labeled as a genre. The three brothers, David, Bobby, and Dannis Hackney, loved to play rock music, but their neighbors were confused. They were all black, and they played music that was too loud for them to understand. In spite of their differences, the group’s music became a sensation, and their debut album helped to establish the sound of punk.

While punk rock was inspired by a number of acts, it can be attributed to a specific location. Detroit’s MC5 and the Velvet Underground joined the movement and shaped the musical scene. In New York, the Stooges and the Velvet Underground both contributed to the movement, and their self-titled albums were considered the first punk rock albums. The MC5 and the Saints’ self-titled album were also among the earliest, and their stage acts and glam attitude influenced their fans.

While the Ramones were considered the first punk band, the MC5 actually started the movement. It was an underground revolution and a response to the bourgeoisie’s influence on pop music. The Ramones were the next big band in the scene, and their music embodied its ethos. The ethos of punk rock included non-conformity, anti-authoritarianism, anti-fascism, direct action, and non-selling out.

The MC5 were a group of four New Yorkers who embraced the punk ethos. As the most influential band of punk rock, they helped to shape the genre’s sound. In addition to their name, they were the first to introduce the concept of devilock hairstyle. While the Ramones are widely considered the first punk rockers, there are others who have a similar name.

While the MC5 were part of the revolution, Detroit’s Death emerged a year before the MC5 and the Stooges. The band’s first album was released in September ’76, and its subsequent songs were very influential. It has been argued that the group’s emergence was in response to the unrest amongst the working class. But the question is: who started punk rock?

The MC5 were not the first band to start punk rock, but their song “Blitzkrieg Bop”” is the most influential. This style of music was initially simple, but a few years later, musicians had exhausted their creative options and moved on to the new wave and post-punk era. For instance, the Misfits, from Washington, D.C., became legends. In addition to the MC5, the band’s name was inspired by their blitzkrieg bubblegum.

The Ramones

The Ramones are the first band to be credited as the pioneers of punk rock, though there are several other bands who claim to have influenced the genre. The New York Dolls are one of the first examples of this, with their songs ranging from high-energy noise to trashy glam. In addition, the MC5’s influence on the style of music has been so influential that the “Ramones” are regarded as the first punk rock group.

Although punk is a young genre, there are many more bands that have become the most influential. The MC5 was a prominent member of the Punk Rock Movement, which originated in the early 1970s. Their songs have a strong social commentary, and have remained popular ever since. The MC5 are the first groups to be credited as the pioneers of punk. The other two are The MC5 and Blondie.