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January Quadhog

      Lets skip all the intro’s and just hit the upcommingshows; 1/14 SAT  @ Sgt Preston in Lafayette (on 2ndbetween South and Colombia downtown)          W/ Gypsy Revival                -9pm no cover music all night.

In the studio

Wemade it back into the studio last night! The lovely Katherine Tacker stopped in to loan us some amazing vocal work onPat’s songs “Dont Ask Me” and “Running Blind” Some greatstuff got put down on the hard drive. I can’t wait for you guys to hear some ofthese tracks. The sounds on this record are …


Weforgot that we also wanted to talk a little bit about our upcoming LP. We havebeen listening to the rough mixes for a few weeks now. we can’t wait to getback behind a mixer and set of speakers with our buddy Mass Giorgini over @Sonic Iguana Studios!