Fender CC 60SCE Review – Concert Guitar

Upgrading to a new level requires not only a lot of skill, but a decent guitar as well. That`s where Fender`s production comes in handy. Guitars of this company are produced for players of any level of skill.

Fender Guitars

I don`tknow whether Fender expected that his production will be that successful whenhe was designing the first Precision Bass in his basement, but when this modelstarted selling really nicely, the company started announcing dozens of newguitars. This tendency lasted for a long time, so hundreds of new guitars forplayers of any skill levels appeared. Amongst them was the concert Guitar Fender CC 60SCE that we will discuss today.

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January Quadhog

      Lets skip all the intro’s and just hit the upcommingshows;

1/14 SAT  @ Sgt Preston in Lafayette (on 2ndbetween South and Colombia downtown) 
         W/ Gypsy Revival  
              -9pm no cover music all night.

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NEW Painting NEW gigs MORE fun

First I wanna give a huge thanks to Tony Bianco for the great Root Hog painting! Tony is a relative to our keyboard player Dan Pullins, no artistic slouch himself, and you can see that creativity runs deep in the family. Hopefully we will be using it quite a bit. Clicking through Tony’s gallery it is easy to see that he is quite the artist. Anyone who has ever taken an art class can atest to the realism of some of the fantastic images. To see what I am talking about . 

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In the studio

Wemade it back into the studio last night!

The lovely Katherine Tacker stopped in to loan us some amazing vocal work onPat’s songs “Dont Ask Me” and “Running Blind” Some greatstuff got put down on the hard drive. I can’t wait for you guys to hear some ofthese tracks. The sounds on this record are hands down, WAY ahead of our lastrecord. Root Hog is super excited to let people get a listen.

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Root Hog back in action

TheHog has hit some snags in the past few months but is proud to announce that weare nearing full steam once again. After a few successful gigs as a four piece,we are finding our comfort zone. We are excited to be able explore some of ourolder tunes in the new format… let alone being able to introduce newmaterial! The future is yet to be decided, but it’s still looking bright. We’rehaving a blast over here in the woodshed and we would LOVE to see some faces atour upcoming gigs!

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Weforgot that we also wanted to talk a little bit about our upcoming LP. We havebeen listening to the rough mixes for a few weeks now. we can’t wait to getback behind a mixer and set of speakers with our buddy Mass Giorgini over @Sonic Iguana Studios!

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