Throwin' Elbos 

 We'll be rocking the Elbo Room in Chicago TONIGHT.

1/24 TUES @ The Elbo Room in Chicago
2871 North Lincoln Avenue

08PM-08:45PM | Sarah Pray & Thomas Kivi
09PM-09:45PM | Clockwork
10PM-10:45PM | Bond and Bently
11PM-11:45PM | Root Hog

It's our first Chicago show of 2012. Come say hello.

The Best DJ Speakers On The Market - source 

January Quadhog  

      Lets skip all the intro's and just hit the upcomming shows;

1/14 SAT  @ Sgt Preston in Lafayette (on 2nd between South and Colombia downtown) 
         W/ Gypsy Revival  
              -9pm no cover music all night.

1/24 TUES @ The Elbo Room in Chicago
                            2871 North Lincoln Avenue
      08PM-08:45PM | Sarah Pray & Thomas Kivi
      09PM-09:45PM | Clockwork
      10PM-10:45PM | Bond and Bently
      11PM-11:45PM | Root Hog


We've been working on a few new tunes and will be playing them live without a doubt.
Come enjoy some Roll and Rock on us.

End of Year Show Roundup 

 2011 is drawing to a close soon and we have a couple more shows to play before we hit the woodshed, emerging in a couple months with some new material. We are hoping you'll join us for our free Thanksgiving weekend party at Hunter's Down Under, Saturday, November 26. Anyone who's seen us at HDU can attest to the fantastic house party vibe and general good times had by all with our favorite bartender Steve serving up some delicious beverages. Don't miss it!

On Friday, December 9th, we'll be playing the long-running Hoot Night at the great . This will be our final show of 2011 and we'll be bringing some great tunes along with friends and .

See you at the shows!

Local Anesthetic Interview 


         I just relistened to a fantastic interview with from 2010 with Pat McClimans and Richard Milne about our 2009 debut album. If you have a spare 30min I suggest you do that same. Its pretty much the best coverage we have in our archive. Here it is;


This is also posted on the media page. 

                                           Enjoy the history lesson
                                                -Root Hog

NEW Painting NEW gigs MORE fun. 

        First I wanna give a huge thanks to Tony Bianco for the great Root Hog painting! Tony is a relative to our keyboard player Dan Pullins, no artistic slouch himself, and you can see that creativity runs deep in the family. Hopefully we will be using it quite a bit. Clicking through Tony's gallery it is easy to see that he is quite the artist. Anyone who has ever taken an art class can atest to the realism of some of the fantastic images. To see what I am talking about . 
        On the music front we have been pretty busy. Thank you so much to  for throwing a great Fall Bash this year. We are proud to be part of such a great community of people and blessed to be chosen to entertain them. I took some video of the opening act The Woodstove Flapjacks and caught some audio of our set. (my camera died) Look for both of these things to pop up soon!

        We will be returning to Lafayette on NOV 26th at Hunter Pub Down Under.  This will be a party also, but will be a party we are throwing for thanksgiving. We will also be playing The Double Door in Chicago on NOV 1st Be sure to check our live shows page for details and updates soon. 

You may have noticed a new layout as well as a few other intersting things. We are trying to spruce up around here. Be sure to let us know what you think! 

                                      -Root Hog

Bit of Greene (TED) 

 10/10/11 (2:11pm)

I was rooting around a while back on Ted Greene's website looking over some . (click for lessons) Afterwards I wrote this little tune and affectionately named it "Bit of Greene" in honor of the man himself. Within the band the song is often referred to as TED. Its a nice mellow jog over some simple changes w/ a recurring theme. For the solo's the order is Myself, Dan, and then Pat.

I hope you dig it!

In the studio 

 10/1/2011 (3:58pm)

We made it back into the studio last night!

The lovely Katherine Tacker stopped in to loan us some amazing vocal work on Pat's songs "Dont Ask Me" and "Running Blind" Some great stuff got put down on the hard drive. I can't wait for you guys to hear some of these tracks. The sounds on this record are hands down, WAY ahead of our last record. Root Hog is super excited to let people get a listen.

Good times are always to be had at the Sonic Iguana, anything less would be a let down for sure. Mass keeps a great head on his shoulders and we are proud to be working with him again. We ended the night with a lengthy listening session and plenty of fist-bumps.

I have to give mention to the engineer on this record; Philip Zumbrun (You win some, You Zumbrun) Philip is top notch at the controls and is always ready to go. He really seems to love music and always has a great attitude accompanied by a smile. We think he is a great dude.

Thanks for checking us out,
-Root Hog

2011 Fall LP 

9/28/2011 (3:23PM)

We forgot that we also wanted to talk a little bit about our upcoming LP. We have been listening to the rough mixes for a few weeks now. we can't wait to get back behind a mixer and set of speakers with our buddy Mass Giorgini over @ Sonic Iguana Studios!

We have been playing around with a few album titles and some art work, both to be revealed at a later date. (soon!) for now here is a track listing in no particular order;

Dont Ask Me
Forgot About Your Ways
To Be Gone
Bit Of Greene (Ted)
Not Enough
Hey Hey
The Gavel
Running Blind
Personal Poison

For kicks we have put the rough mix of "To Be Gone" in our site player at the bottom of the page. Check it out and let us know what you think over at our FB Page.

-Root Hog

If we get enough responses I might be tempted to let another song slip onto the player by accident.

Root Hog back in action. 



The Hog has hit some snags in the past few months but is proud to announce that we are nearing full steam once again. After a few successful gigs as a four piece, we are finding our comfort zone. We are excited to be able explore some of our older tunes in the new format... let alone being able to introduce new material! The future is yet to be decided, but it's still looking bright. We're having a blast over here in the woodshed and we would LOVE to see some faces at our upcoming gigs!

Saturday, October 15 in LAF THIS IS SOLD OUT!
The People Brewing Company 2nd annual Fall Bash
w/ Woodstove Flapjacks

Saturday, October 22 9:30 pm
Galveston Steakhouse: 10 commerce Square, Michigan City IN

Friday, December 9 9:00 pm in LAF
Hoot Night @ Lafayette Brewing Company
w/ Why I Like Robins and Gypsy Revival

We are also looking for a chicago gig to throw in the mix if anyone has any great ideas let us know, or just check back in and we'll let you know what we have planned!

Thanks for the web visit,
Root Hog


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Painted by Tony Bianco. To see more of Tony's work